Atlas Browser Interface - Edit a Profile

When viewing a specific profile in the Atlas Browser Interface, you can edit certain information on that profile by clicking the "Edit" button at the top of the screen:


The first set of information that you can edit is the profile name. If you are viewing an organization, you'll see the Organization Name field, and if you're viewing an individual, you'll see the Prefix, First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name and Suffix fields.  When you make changes to any of these, the changes will propagate down to the Report and Sort Name for the profile:




If you'd like to change the Report or Sort names, you can click in those fields to edit them separately.

Next, you can edit additional contact information for the profile. Default Address, all phone numbers, and the Email and Website refer to the contact info for this profile found on the General tab when you're using the desktop application. Simply type into these fields to make changes.


The next set of editable information is the primary listing for that profile.  If the profile already has a primary listing, the category (and subcategory if applicable) will be displayed. You can click the dropdown to change the category - however, you cannot delete listings here, so you cannot set the category to "None." 


If the profile does not have a listing in the database, the category will be set to None. If you give this profile a category, a basic active listing will be created in the profile and available on your online directory, assuming the profile meets all criteria to appear in the directory. If you need to edit any further details on the listing (such as Listing Level, Business Description, etc.), you'll need to do that in the desktop application of Atlas.

Finally, certain "Details" on the profile can be edited. In this section, you can set or change the Assigned To, Sold By, and Full and Part Time Employees fields:


Once you have completed all changes, click Save. You'll be returned to the profile details page for that profile, and all changes will display immediately.


Note: if your user's permission settings do not allow you to edit any of the items above, you may not see them displayed on the Edit screen at all.


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