Using Interfax with the Communicator

Atlas allows you to use the Communicator to send fax messages via an integration with Interfax. By using the integration, the Communicator becomes a mailing list generator and Interfax creates and sends the messages to the intended fax numbers.

To use the Fax capabilities, you first must sign up for n Interfax account and activate the integration. Once complete, follow these steps to set up a fax message from Atlas:

Open the Communicator  (Communication > Send Mass Communication).

  1. Identify the Profiles you want to send the fax message to, either by clicking the To button and using the Profile Selector or by using one of the Send To Predetermined Data Views on the bottom and clicking Load List.
  2. Make sure all the profiles you want to include have the Send Fax checkbox checked. You can do this by right-clicking and selecting Set All Send Fax Flags
  3. Pay special attention to the Fax number column in the To data grid. Only profiles with a fax number identified here will receive a fax. If you have blanks, you can either edit the Profile and re-add them to the list, or type directly in the Fax column field. Note: that will only give a fax number temporarily; it will not save that fax number to the Profile.
  4. Click the Message tab and write your Subject Line and Message.
  5. Click Send.

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