Enabling Recover ARB for Authorize.NET Users

Recover Failed ARB Transactions (Authorize.NET only)

Two actions are required to enable Recover ARB, the first action must be taken on Authorize.NET.  The second action is taken in Atlas.



If you have already created any of the invoice transactions manually in Atlas, do not use this process as it will generate duplicate records for any pending ARB transaction.


Action for Enabling Recover ARB on Authorize.NET

Details for enabling transaction api can be found at:


Action for Enabling Recover ARB on Atlas

We recommend testing the configuration before continuing as sometimes the existing API key will not work. You can test that the API key works correctly by triggering the ARB Recovery feature in Atlas. In your Settings (click Admin -> Set Preferences -> Application Settings), on the Credit Card Processing tab, click the “Recover ARB” button. If it is successful, it will inform you of transactions that have been processed or that no transactions are missing. If there is an authentication error, create a new API key on Authorize.Net and configure the gateway in Authorize.Net to use that key.




The generated key on Authorize.Net might not always be compatible with their Transaction API. Changing the API key again should resolve this.

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