Create Custom Fields for your ECommerce/Online Store Items

In your online E-Commerce store, you can add custom fields to have displayed next to each item in addition to the item name, description and price.  These may include special codes, additional descriptions, identifier numbers, etc.  By setting up the custom field itself in your admin section, you will be able to then go in to each item that is associated with that custom field and enter the appropriate value to appear on your website.

1. Go to Admin > Manage Codes > eCommerce Codes > eCommerce Custom Fields.

2. Click the "+ Add a Custom Field" button, and a new row will populate in the grid:


3. Click in the Name column, and enter a name for the custom field (for example, ISBN #).  This will appear on the website as the name of the custom field.

4. Enter a Description explaining the custom field (optional - this does NOT appear on the website).

5. Indicate whether you want the custom field to be searchable on your online ecommerce store search option.

6. The custom field(s) can be displayed on the list page of your online store (the list showing all items in a category, for example), and/or on the detail page, when someone clicks on a particular item to view the details on that item.  Use the List Pages and Detail Page columns to indicate on which page(s) you would like this custom field to appear.

7. You can add as many custom fields as you need, then click Save in the upper right corner.


Note that for the custom fields to appear for any item, you need to assign those custom fields to an Item Type (click here for instructions).

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