Set Shipping Options for eCommerce Items

Once you have created an eCommerce item, you can edit the shipping type and price options for that item.

1. Go to Communication > Web > eCommerce > eCommerce Items.  With the item you want to edit selected, right-click and choose Edit Selected eCommerce Item.

2. Click the Shipping tab.  Right-click and choose New Shipping Type.


3. Choose the Shipping Type from the dropdown (click here for more info on setting up your eCommerce codes).

4. Enter a price:
If you enter a fixed amount, that price will be added to the order if this item is selected to be purchased as a one-time fee, regardless of quantity.

If you want to multiply a dollar amount by the straight quantity purchased, enter "1" as the Shipping Units Per Item, and enter the amount per item in the Variable Amount Per Unit field.  You can enter "item" as the Shipping Unit Label.

If you prefer to calculate shipping via a special formula, you can enter that SQL formula here.  If you would like MemberClicks to write a formula for you, can you contact your Relationship Manager for a quote for this service.

5. Click Save.



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