Edit eCommerce Items - Options and Shipping

Once you have created an eCommerce item, you can edit that item to configure many additional settings, including Options, Shipping, Custom Fields, etc.

1. Go to Communication > Web > eCommerce > eCommerce Items.

2. Select the item you would like to edit, then right-click and choose Edit Selected eCommerce Item.  The following screen appears:



The General, Images, and Categories tabs were available when initially creating this item, but can also be changed/edited on this screen.  The new settings available to edit include:


Option Types
Option Types are created in your Admin section, and this tab allows you to choose which Options are available for this item.

1. Click on the Option Types tab, then right-click and choose New Option Type.


2. Click the Option Types dropdown and select the Option Type you want to have available for this item (for example, Size or Color).

3. Enter the Display Title, which will appear as the name of the option in the online store (for example "T-Shirt Size").

4. If you will have multiple option types, choose a sort order - all option types will appear in the numeric order you indicate.

5. Click Save, and repeat these steps to add additional option types.



1. Click the Options tab, then right-click and choose New Item Option.


2. Enter the Title for the option - for example, "Small" as a size, which will appear in the option dropdown.  You can also enter a description, which will not appear online (optional).

3. Enter the Item Option Type for this option, which you must have already set up in the previous tab, Option Types (see above).

4. Enter the Sort Order for this option.  This will determine (numerically) the order in which the options appear within each option type.

5. If choosing this option will add an additional cost to the item, enter that in the Additional Amount to Add to Item Price field.  If it will also affect shipping, enter the amount and/or units that will be used when calculating total shipping.

6. Click Save.



 1. Click the Shipping tab, then right-click and choose New Shipping Type.


2. Choose a Shipping Type from the dropdown (these are created in your Admin section).

3. If you want to charge a flat amount for shipping with any purchase of this item, enter the amount into the Fixed Amount field (and leave the others blank).

4. If you want to charge a variable amount for shipping based on quantity, enter the number of "units" that each single-quantity purchase will include - for example, if a single item is 5 lbs and you want to charge by the lb for shipping, enter "5."  Then enter the amount you want to charge per unit, and the unit label (for example, "pound").

5. Click Save.

Note that a shipping formula can be written to do advanced shipping calculation for this item using SQL.  If you would like to have MemberClicks write a formula for you, contact Support.



Click the Inventory tab:


If you have a limited inventory that you are able to sell, click the Limited Inventory checkbox to track the total quantity of this item that is sold. Enter the total number of items currently available (you can edit this number at any time).

If you need to manually add/or remove items from the inventory, choose the Add or Remove radio buttons, enter the quantity, and click Update Inventory.

**Please note, the inventory setting is a manual process. This is not automated tracking. It does set a manual limitation on item purchases, but this will not automatically update as items are sold. You must update the inventory manually as items are sold and then this limit setting will prevent purchase if the limit is met.


Downloadable Web Content

Instead of selling hard-copy documents that require mailing, you do have the option to create web content and make it available for download on your eCommerce page.


1. The first step is to create the web content record to be available for download.  The most common format would be a document that the user can download, and you can find instructions for creating a new Document Web Content record here.  Once the content record is created, click the Downloadable Web Content tab and click Allow Download.

2. Select the Web Content Type for which you created the web content record that will be available for download.

3. According to the Web Content Type you choose, a corresponding list of items will appear in the web content record dropdown.  Select the item you want to make available for download.

4. Set the number of days you want the item to be available to the user who purchased the item.  The item will be sent to them in an email as a link after purchase, and after the number of days you enter here have elapsed, the link will take them to a page that simply says "This content is no longer available."



To require a username and password to purchase this item, click the Restrictions tab.


1. To restrict the purchase of this item to only profiles with the "Member" checkbox checked, select Restrict for Members Only.  

2. To restrict to only profiles with a certain affiliation code (regardless of membership status), select Restrict for Affiliations.  The list of available affiliation codes will appear, and you can select the code to which you want to restrict from the list and click Add. You can add multiple affiliations if necessary.

3. By default, the "Teaser" option will be selected.  This means that if a user is not already logged in, the item will still show, but with a prompt to log in to purchase the item.  If you'd like to change the default "Login for Special Pricing" message, enter the text you want to appear in the Teaser Message text box.

4. To customize the default "This Item is Restricted" message that appears if someone attempts to log in but enters invalid credentials, enter the text you want to appear in the Restricted Message textbox.

5. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.


Search Keywords

In addition to searching for search entries in the title and description of your eCommerce items, the online search will pick up any keywords (words or short phrases) that you enter on the Search Keywords tab. Simply type the keywords into the text box, comma-separating each word or short phrase.


Custom Fields

1. Click the Custom Fields tab, and the following screen will appear, with any custom fields that you have designated to show for the Item Type you have selected for this item. Note that if no Custom Fields appear, you have not selected anything to show for this Item Type (see here for instructions).


1. Click in the Value column for the custom field you want to enter for this item.

2. Enter the custom field value, for all custom fields that you want to appear on this item on the online store.

3. Click Save at the bottom.  Note that any blank custom fields will not display at all on the online store.


After completing all of the above sections, your eCommerce item will be complete and will display online with all settings, options, custom fields, etc.  Below you can see an example of what the above screenshots look like when translated to the website:



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