Create Item Types for eCommerce Store

Atlas eCommerce Items are first classified by their Item Type. The number of Types you have is optional. Many organizations have separate entities managed within the same office, so their Item Types identify each entity. Other organizations have only one Item Type. Either option is acceptable. Because you will also be identifying eCommerce Items by the Category, one Item Type may be all you need.

1. Go to Admin > Manage Codes > eCommerce Codes > eCommerce Item Types.

2. Click New. The Item Type and Description boxes empty.


3. In the Item Type text box, enter the name of your new Item Type. This will appear in your online store as a grouping of items, and is searchable/sortable on the website.

4. In the Description text box, enter a description of your new Item Type (optional).

5. For each item type, you can determine which Custom Fields are available to enter/display on the actual items that you will create.  For example, if you have an item type called "Souvenirs" and another called "Member Downloads," you may have a custom field for "Item ISBN #" that only applies to the souvenir items.  This is simply a way to keep your item custom fields organized and easy to see/edit in your database.

For the item type you are creating, select the custom field you want to include, and click Add.  If you'd like to add all of your custom fields, click the [>>] button.  If you do not use custom fields, you can skip this step.

5. Click Save. Your new Item Type appears in the Data Grid, and you can select it to edit the name, description or custom fields at any time.

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