Atlas Browser Interface - Add a Contact

You can use the browser interface to record communications you have with your members and prospects using the Add a Contact feature on any profile.

First, open the profile to which you want to add a contact. You can do this by clicking on a profile name from your list of recently viewed profiles or activities, or by using the Profile Search. Scroll down to the Contacts section of the profile page, and click Add a Contact.


The Add a Contact form will open:


1. Click the Contact Type dropdown and select a contact type. These are populated from your administrative codes.

2. Click the Talked With dropdown and select the related individual with whom you communicated. If the individual is not listed, you can type into this field.

3. The Contactee will fill in with your username, but you can change this if you like.

4. The Contact Date will populate as the current date, but you can change this as well.

5. Check the Public checkbox if you would like the details for this contact to be displayed in the profiles' Full Involvement Report.

6. Enter a brief Subject for your contact.

7. Enter all notes for the contact in the Description field.

8. If the contact resulted in a to-do item that you would like to create as a Task in the system, check the Create a Task checkbox. You'll be prompted to choose a Task Type, the user to assign the task, and the date it should appear on that user's dashboard.

9. Click Save. You'll be returned to the profile record, and you can see the new contact listed in the 20 most recent contacts for that profile.

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