Prorate a Billing Record for a New Member

For associations that bill all members at the same time each year (for example, every January), prorating the first year renewal is a common practice. You may just prorate the initial "new member" invoice when the member first joins, in which case a prorated billing record is not necessary. However, if the member does not pay the prorated rate until their first renewal, you can set up an expiring, "prorated" billing record to ensure the member is billed appropriately.

The Prorate option on a billing record is available during our Add a Member process. To start this process, you can go to Profiles > Add a Member, or click "Add as Member" on any existing non-member profile. Click here for more details on how to enter a new member.

  1. On the Add a Member screen, click on the Billing tab.

  2. Select a Revenue Item and enter the annual renewal amount in the Unit Price (and/or Base Price/Flat Fee).
  3. Check the Prorate Amount checkbox.
  4. Click the Number of Months dropdown and select the number of months the prorated amount should be calculated. For example, if the member joins on October 1st and you bill every January, you would choose 3 months, since your are prorating their dues for October, November and December.
  5. Set the Anchor Month, Anchor Day, and Starting Year for the billing record. This is normally your upcoming billing year.
  6. Verify the Billing Expires date. It should be just prior to the second year renewal for this member (when they start paying the full amount.

Your prorated Billing record is now complete. However, you'll also need to add a recurring billing record that will start after the prorated Billing expires, for their ongoing membership. 

  1. Click Add Billing at the top of the tab.
  2. Enter the Revenue Item, full amount, quantity and cycle for the billing.
  3. Enter the Anchor Month and Anchor Day for the billing, and set the Starting Year as the second year renewal for the member, which should be the year after the first billing expires.
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