Overview of the cVent Integration with Atlas

Below are facts about the integration between Atlas and cVent, an event management platform that helps manage event logistics and registration. This integration is an add-on service and requires an active account from cVent. Click here for more information about cVent.

What information is passed from Atlas to cVent?

When activated, cVent has access to your Profile Data, including the membership status of each profile. This enables your members and Related Profiles to be recognized in cVent and have their history passed back to Atlas.

What data is passed from cVent to Atlas?

As events are built and managed in cVent, they are passed back to Atlas to create the following history:

  • Events
  • Signups
  • Attendees
  • Invoices
  • Payments

This history will live in both the Event that was created and on the appropriate Profile Records.

How do I enable this integration?

Activating the integration between Atlas t and cVent requires purchasing the functionality from Atlas and purchasing a license from cVent. Both requirements may incur an additional cost from Atlas (depending on your Atlas package) and from cVent.You should contact cVent directly to inquire about purchasing a license.

What Configuration Settings are available in Atlas?

Atlas must make the changes for you, but you are able to set the following items as defaults:

  • The default Revenue Item to be used when someone gets invoiced in cVent
  • The default Payment Type to be used when someone pays an invoice in cVent


This feature is included or available for purchase with the following Atlas packages.



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