Adding Contact record to multiple profiles in a batch

This is a workaround that will allow you to add a contact record to multiple profiles all at once.  This comes in handy if say for instance, you have just sent an annual conference mailer out from an outside service and you would like to have everyone on the list marked with a contact record that the mailer was sent.  

  1. Pull the list you want to add a contact record to into a new communication in the communicator.
  2. Once you have the list there, right-click and choose Clear All Send Email Flags.
  3. Right-click again and choose Set All Send Standard Mail Flags.
  4. Once you have it so that only the Send Standard Mail checkboxes are checked, then go to the message tab.  Here type in the subject you want to appear on the contact record, and then if you want a message to appear in the contact notes, Click the Text radio button above the message box and then type in what you want to appear.
  5. Next, at the top of the communicator window in the contact section, click the Create Contact Record and choose the contact type from the drop-down.
  6. Next, go to the Send tab on the communicator.  Here you will see 3 sub-tabs.  choose the Standard Mail Options.
  7. The screen wants you to choose a report to print for these profiles.  Click the search button next the box for the file name(Button with ...) and it will take you to your custom reports.  choose Member_NewMemberLetter.rpt.  Not to worry as this report will never actually print in this case.
  8. Once you have that report name in the field, then click the Send button.  It will ask if you are sure, click Yes.  Then it will say messages queued for sending, click OK.  You will see that the report has popped up and wants a date range. just click the X in the corner to stop it.
  9. The contact records are now added and nothing was sent to your members.  You can go to one of the members that you chose and you will see the record on their Contacts Tab.
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