How to Store Documents or Content on a Profile Record


How can I store content records on a profile record in Atlas?



You can store Content Records directly within a Profile Record. This feature is helpful for keeping digital archives of completed membership applications, business logos, or other important documents. The following instructions are for uploading documents to a Profile Record. Follow these steps to upload content records to a Profile Record.

  1. Open the Profile Record of the profile you want to work with and click on the Web Tab.

  2. In the Content Records Data Grid, right-click your mouse and select New Document Web Content.

  3. In the Document Local Path field, click the  to navigate to the document on your computer.
  4. In the Document Title field, enter the name of the content record.
  5. In the Content Type drop-down menu, select the type of content record you are uploading. 
    NOTE: Content Types are managed in the Admin section of Atlas.
  6. In the Referral Type drop-down menu, select the Referral Type you want to track each time this Content Record is viewed. If you are not tracking referrals related to this item, leave the field blank. 
    Note: Referral Types are managed in the Admin section of Atlas.
  7. If the Content Record you are uploading is intended for internal activities only and should not be available for viewing online, check the Internal Content checkbox.
  8. Click Save. A screen will appear confirming that your item was successfully uploaded and providing its new Content Record ID number.
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