Convert an Event to the New Event Module

This article only relates to the Legacy Event Module, which was replaced in 2013. Only use this article if you use the old Event Module.


When you receive the 13.10 Release, you will create all new events in our new event module. However, for any events that are already in your database at the time of the release, you will have the option to either continue managing the event with our legacy event tools, or convert that event to the new module.

There are two key things you must do for each event before converting it to the new module:

1) Accept (or delete) any pending holding tank registrations for the event, and

2) Create invoices for all sign ups you have received for the event (other than registrations for $0 items)

Each time you click on an event, you will be prompted to convert it to the new module with the following message:


If you click yes, the system will check to see that the two conditions listed above are met, and if they are not, you will be notified that you still need to either accept sign ups or create invoices, and the event will be opened in legacy form for you to complete those tasks (see links above for more detailed instructions).

Things to Check:

After you have converted the event, you need to make sure the following settings are correct so that everything works properly in the new module.  The legacy event uses some fields differently, so it's important to check that these items are set up:

  • Check the Sale Starts/Sale Ends date on your event items (IMPORTANT!) - click here for instructions on editing your event items. On your legacy events, you may not have had these dates set up, but on the new events module your items will only show during this date range.  When you start creating new events, these fields will populate automatically, but you'll need to update them for legacy events that you convert.
  • Check the payment options and settings: make sure your event web page looks the way you want and has the correct options for payment in the settings (click here for more info).
  • Check the Registration Fields: this is now a fully customizable feature, allowing you to pick which contact fields display on your site. Because this was not an option in the legacy module, you'll need to indicate which fields you want displayed online (click here for more info).
  • Check your event web page: while we have done our level best to make sure your new event web pages are clean and match the rest of your site, some of you may have unique customizations that make the page look slightly different.  The pages are more streamlined, but if you notice anything that looks incorrect please contact us at
  • Finally, note that any surveys you have created and attached to event items in a legacy event will NOT convert, and the survey questions will need to be recreated as Custom fields.
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