Creating a Sales Agreement

The Atlas Sales Management and Reporting capabilities enable you to create Sales Proposals and Agreements dynamically from Sales Opportunities.

The stock Sales Proposal and Sales Agreements reports are meant to be personalized by you to represent the introductory information you would want included with such a document. The information regarding the sale (Item, cost, terms, etc) are intended to come from the Sales Opportunity records that you include in the Proposal or Agreement.

Once you have modified the stock Sales Proposal and Sales Agreement Reports (either on your own with Crystal report writer or by paying Atlas Support to do it), your staff will have an easy process to create and manage presentation-quality documents.

Follow these steps to create a Sales Agreement:

  1. Open the Sales Opportunities you want to include in the Proposal. You can do this either by going to Contacts > Select Sales Opportunities, or by going to the Contacts tab of a Profile Record. The Edit Sales/Lead Opportunity window will open with however many Sales Opportunities you opened at that time. You may open multiple Sales Opportunities at once if they all need to be part of the Proposal.
  2. Adjust or edit any information on the Sales Opportunities that you want to change.
  3. If you want to change the Agreement Text, click the Agreement tab, then check the Customize Agreement Text box to make the large text area editable.
  4. Click the View Agreement link. The Sales Opportunities Saved message will appear to ensure that any changes you made were preserved. Then the Sales_agreement Report will run in the Report Viewer.
  5. Save or Export the report as a PDF or other format, depending on if you want to continue editing it.


This feature is included or available for purchase with the following Atlas packages.

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