Add a Prospect (Browser)

When accessing Atlas from your web browser (, you can add a new profile flagged as a Prospect from the Profiles menu.

Each tab on the left contains important membership information for you to enter or update. Note that the only data that the system requires is the profile name, but make sure you enter all relevant information for your association on ALL tabs before continuing.

  1. New Profile Settings: Select whether the new member profile is an individual or an organization.
  2. General Information: This is where you'll enter all basic contact information, as well as the Profile Status, Assigned To and Sold By fields, Number of Employees, and other preferences. Even though this profile is not yet a member, you can enter as much information as you have available.
  3. Additional Addresses: If you need to add a Mailing, Billing, or other address, click Add. If all addresses are the same, you do not need to enter any additional addresses.
  4. Additional Phone Numbers: If you need to add any phone numbers other than the Work, Mobile and Home phone (from the General Information tab), you can click Add.
  5. Additional Email Addresses: If this member profile has additional email addresses you would like to store, click Add. Note that the next step will be to add related profiles (e.g. employees), so this should only be additional emails for the member profile itself.
  6. Listings: to give this profile a business category, click Add. Select the category from the dropdown, and sub-category if applicable. Set the listing type and detail listing type, but note that if your directory is configured to show only members, this listing will NOT display in your online directory regardless of this setting. Finally, if the prospect's enter a short and/or long business description if necessary.

  7. Social Media: if the prospect has any social media pages that you want to record, be sure to enter the full URL (including the http://). 
  8. Affiliation Codes: Select the Affiliation Codes for this prospect from the tree on the left, and click the > arrow to add them to the profile. You can hold down your control key to select multiple Affiliations. If any need to be removed, you can select them from the box on the right and click < to remove them.
  9. Web Portal Credentials: By default, the propsect's credentials will be blank. If you choose to populate them, they may be able to access specific content you have configured to be available for non-member profiles.
  10. Association-Specific Information (HBA and NAA clients only): If you are a Home Builders Association, you will see an NAHB tab to enter Member Type, Status, and other NAHB data fields to submit to NAHB with your monthly export. If you are an Apartment/Multihousing Association, you'll see a tab to enter the Profile Type, and/or enter Property Information, Owner Information, etc.

Once you have updated each tab for which you have data (you can skip any tabs that you don't need), click Save. Next: Add Relationships. Be sure you don't click save until all information is entered, as this will actually create/update the member profile.

On the Related Profiles screen, you can add/edit related profiles. If you created the member using an existing profile, you may already see related profiles listed here. 

  1. To edit an existing related profile, click Edit in the grid. To add a new profile to the database, related to the prospect profile, click Add New Related Profile. To relate a profile that is already in your database to the prospect profile, click Relate Existing Profile.
    1. Enter/update all of the individual's contact information on the General Information tab. The basic contact info will be populated from the prospect profile, but you can change anything as necessary.
    2. On the Relationship tab, indicate whether the new profile is the Main Contact. Set the Relation Type of this profile to the new prospect profile (often this will be Employee).
    3. On the remaining tabs, enter any information specific to the related profile you are creating. 
    4. Click Save.

Once all related profiles have been added, you can click Next: Done to complete the Add a Prospect process and return to the first screen. 

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