How to Create a News Article


How do I create a new News Article?



Atlas makes it very simple to post News Articles to the website. These articles by default display in the Member's Only section of the web components, however they can also appear on any web page in the website. For more information on displaying news articles in other areas of the website, contact your Relationship Manager.

1. Go to Communication > Web > News Articles > New Article. The New Article screen will appear.

2. In the Short Description, fill in a headline for the article.

3. In the Article Date field, fill in a by-line date for the article.

4. Choose an Article Type (these are usually categories of articles like Press Releases, Member News, etc., and can be set up by your system administrator).

5. Enter the Start Date as the first date the article will be available online.

6. Enter the End Date as the last date the article will be available online.

7. Headline Article: Checking this and setting the dates will make the article appear in the headline lister on your home page as a link to the article. The article automatically disappears when the end date passes.

8. In the Long Description, enter the actual content of the article. You can type or copy/paste into this field, and you can also right-click and use the Internal HTML Editor to format the article and add images and hyperlinks.

9. When finished, click Save and confirm.



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