How to Use the External HTML Editor Option

What is the External HTML Editor option, and how can I properly connect it?



Atlas allows you to utilize your favorite HTML editor to create HTML-based communications. Anywhere in Atlas where you can right-click and access the Internal HTML Editor, you also have the option for using your computer's default HTML Editor.

When you are working in a text box, right click and select External HTML Editor. It will open the default HTML editor on that computer. If you have Dreamweaver or FrontPage or Expressions, or any other HTML editor loaded on your machine, most likely Windows will already have identified that as the default program to use. Atlas will then open a temporary document in that editor where you can do your work and then when you save it it will load that HTML back in to Atlas. If you do fancy HTML work, the External HTML Editor is actually preferred over using the Atlas HTML editor, which is intended for more basic HTML work.

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