How to Find the URL for Web Content Using the URL Selector

How do I find the URL of web content I have created or uploaded?



The URL Selector allows you to add Web Content as a hyperlink to any text box within the software.

1. Go to Communications > URL Picker.  In addition, within any editable field or cell in Atlas you can right-click and find URL Selector in your right-click menu.

2. The first tab that appears is the Web Content Record URL.  This contains all Web Content records (images, documents, et.c) that you have uploaded to Atlas.

3. Click the plus sign next to the type of content you want.

4. Click the item for which you want to get the URL.

5. The URL for that item appears at the top of the screen in the Selected URL field.  You can simply copy this URL using Ctrl-C or right-click to copy, or to pull this URL back into the field that you started in, click Accept.

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