Process Items that are Purchased through the Online eCommerce Store


How do I process items that are purchased through my online eCommerce store?



Atlas allows you to manage all of your eCommerce transactions from one screen. Every time a purchase is made through your online store, the transaction is recorded in the eCommerce Transactions form. From this page you can see all your sales and the information associated with those sales, including what was bought, by whom, what invoices and payments were made, and whether the item was shipped out or not. The following article describes the process of managing eCommerce transactions.

1. Go to Communication > eCommerce > eCommerce Transactions.

2. On this screen you see all the pertinent information about every eCommerce transaction your store has processed. The Data Grid is made up of one row for every item purchased. If more than one item was purchased at one time by a buyer, each item from their transaction will be listed as its own row. The Invoice Number for these items, however, will be the same, since they were all purchased together.

3. Use the Start and End Dates, eCommerce Item, and Status dropdowns to filter which transactions are displayed.

4. When an eCommerce transaction is completed online, the invoice and payment records are created automatically by Atlas. If the purchase was made by a member who logged in, then Atlas will apply the invoice and payments to the correct profile record of that member. If the purchase was made by someone not logged in to he system, Atlas will create and apply the invoice and payment records to the Anonymous Profile identified in the eCommerce settings. If you want to change the profile to which the invoice and payment records were applied, right-click the appropriate transaction and select View Invoice. On the invoice screen, you can change which Profile is attached (as long as the invoice has not yet been posted).

5. Once you have fulfilled the order for eCommerce transaction (mailed out whatever they purchased), select the transaction, right-click, and choose Flag Selected Item as Sent.



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