How to Approve Web Content that has been Created or Updated

How do I approve web content that has been created or updated?



If desired, you can change your settings to require approval by a certain user role (usually an admin) before any new web content can appear online.

To set your database to require approval for web content:

1. Go to Admin > Set Preferences > Application Settings

2. Choose the Web Content Tab.

3. Click 'Require approval for web content records before they appear on website.'

4. Choose the user role that you wish to allow to approve content. Best Practice: choose Administrator or equivalent.

5. Click Save at the bottom.

To approve Web Content:

1. Go to Communication > Web Content Management > Edit Web Content.  The Edit Web Content screen will open. 

2. The top section of the screen will allow you to search for content based on format or referral type.  There is also a checkbox to select to show only unapproved web content, making it easier to find and approve content.

3. Click the + sign next to the Content folder to see what content it contains.

4. To approve an individual piece of content, click the box next to it then right-click and choose Approve Selected Web Content.

5. To approve all the content in a folder, click the box next to the folder and all content in the folder will be selected and then right-click to approve.

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