Profile Selector (web)

To search for profiles through the Send Email tool in the browser version of Atlas, the Profile Selector provides a wide range of search criteria that can be layered for advanced targeting. The Profile Selector is launched from the Profiles tab when selecting recipients, by choosing "Create New List in Profile Selector."


Using any of the search terms on the top/left (see below for details), set your search criteria and click Preview to see the matching list of profiles in Atlas. When you have refined your search for the email your are sending, click Email List (you will be able to remove exceptions in the Email Profiles grid).

Search Options

Keyword search: at the top of the Profile Selector is a keyword search, which looks for any keyword you enter within the name of a profile - including the Sort Name, Report Name, Org Name, First Name, Last Name, or DBA. Because you are building a search for your recipient list, this should only be used in specific instances when email a single profile or very small group.

Profile Info: click Add Search Field to select from a dropdown list of fields to search by in this tab, including all contact and membership information. Membership Level, Profile Status and Custom Fields can be found in this list. Select an operator (equal, contains, etc.), and then enter your search term value in the field provided. You can add multiple search fields and layer with and/or options, and click the X to remove criteria.


Affiliation Codes: all Affiliation Codes are available to select from the list on the left, grouped by Affiliation Type. Click open any type, select the Affiliation, and then click the arrow to add the code to the list. You can select multiple Affiliation Codes to search for profiles that have at least one of the selected items.

Categories: click Add Search Field to select a category. Your search will find any profiles that have an active listing with the selected category, and you can continue to click Add Search Field and add additional categories, indicating if the results should have all or one of the selected categories.

Billing: search for profiles with active Billing records by anchor month, revenue item, or annual amount (choose a minimum and maximum amount for the search

Member Activity: click Add Search Field, and select an Activity type from the dropdown. Then set a date range for that activity, and the search will return profiles with an Activity of that type in that date range. Add multiple activities and choose And/Or to indicate if the results should have all of or one of the selected activities.

Events: search for profiles that are tied to either an event attendee or registration record. Click Add Search Field, then select whether you want to find Attendees (individuals) or Registrations (usually organizations), and enter an Event ID. Add multiple search fields to search for multiple events or types of profiles.

Related Profiles: this tab contains search options to add or further filter your results using profile relationships.

  • Filter Results: this option uses the 'Member' checkbox as a filter, but looks specifically for profiles that are related to members (as Main Contact, Receives Communication, etc.). Use this option to further filter down your search results to only profiles related to members
  • Add Results: this option uses the criteria you've selected on the other tabs of the Profile Selector, and expands your search by including profiles that are related to the search results. Use this option to add related profiles to your list of results 
  • Replace Results: this option also uses the criteria you've selected on the other tabs of the Profile Selector, but finds only the profiles related to the search results. Use this option to find the main contacts (etc) of the search results

Common Data Views: these searches are pre-determined filters that are hardcoded to run for the criteria listed. The options listed here do not include any other search criteria from other tabs (which are hidden when a Common Data View is selected). You can find profiles that have invoices of certain types due or coming due, standard related profile searches, and prospect info in these lists.

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