Identify the Keyword and the Banner Name for your Ads


I want to place an ad on a certain page, and I have uploaded the image to Atlas and began adding the new banner ad under Communications > Web > Banner Ads. How do I know what keyword and/or banner name to use so it shows up in the right place and on the right page?




To identify the banner ad keyword for any page on your site, navigate to the page in your preferred internet browser, and follow these steps:

  1. Observe the url in the location bar of your browser.
  2. Take note of everything in the url after the .com (or .org, .net, etc.).
  3. Remove all punctuation and special characters from the resulting string of characters to create the keyword.


The staff page is at the following url:
The keyword would be:  aboutusstaffhtml

 There are also special banner ad keywords that can be used in addition to the page specific keywords.


Banner Name

Banner names refer to the position of the banner on your pages.  The standard names will be one of the following:

Leaderboard - 728x90px (usually at he top or bottom of a page)
SuperLeaderboard - 970x90px (just like leaderboard and often referred to as leaderboard)
MediumRectangle - 250x300px (usually found in a sidebar or a corner of the page)
Square1- 300x250px (same as medium rectangle)
Square2- 300x250px (same as medium rectangle, usually only used as additional banner for directory)
Square3- 300x250px (same as medium rectangle, usually only used as additional banner for directory)
FullBanner - 468x60px (same as leaderboard, but rarely used)

There are times when the banner names may be different.  The banner name can be found in the script set up for the banner whe implemented.  If that is not accessible, the following procedure can be used to find the banner name (and/or keyword).

1. Right-click on the page and view the page source code - for Internet Explorer choose "View source," for Firefox/Chrome choose "View Page Source."

2. Hit the Ctrl + F keys (this will open a search box) and type: adkeyword

3. The page will display the first banner ad on the page and provide you with the keyword and the bannername. Any additional banner ads will be below this and you can select to "Find Next" or scroll through the page. An example for the homepage would be:

-- adkeyword:Home | BannerName: Leaderboard | ExcludeBannerNames:mobile_leaderboard -->
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