Setup or Create an Event Item

This article only relates to the Legacy Event Module, which was replaced in 2013. Only use this article if you use the old Event Module.


How do I set up the different event items people can register for?


Event items are the items, or tickets, that are purchased by the person registering for an event. They can be set to not have a price associated with them or they can have a price and are the items WebLink Connect will pull from when creating invoice line items.

1. Open the event you need to create or edit items for in WebLink, using either the Event Home Screen or going to Events > Select Events.

2. Click on the Event Items tab, and click on the Edit or Create New Event Items link at the top of the grid.

3. Press the Create New Event Item button to create a new event item (to edit an existing item click the Select checkbox next to that item in the grid).

4. Select a Revenue Item from the dropdown. This will be the item used to invoice any registrants who sign up for this item.

5. Enter a Description, which will appear on the online registration form and the printed invoices that get created for this item.

6. In Attendees for Item, indicate how many individuals get to attend the event with the purchase of a single registration - usually, this is 1. However, if your Event Item is 'Table for 10,' purchasing one table would actually get 10 attendees to attend.

7. Enter the Max Items Available, or leave this at 0 if there is no specific maximum for this item.

8. Enter the Invoice Date Due and Unit Price, which will be used to generate invoices for anyone who registers for this item.

9. Ensure that the 'Public' checkbox is checked if you want this item to be available to register for online. If the Public checkbox is unchecked, this item will not appear on your website and you will only be able to register people for it internally through WebLink.

10. If the item is a sponsorship of any kind, check the Sponsorship checkbox. This is used in reporting and tracking.

11. Optional - set the item to expire if it will not be available from the time it's created until the time of the event. Note that you do not have to set the item to expire after the event - after the event has passed, the system will automatically disable all registration.

12. Optional - Set any Item Restrictions necessary by using the tab on the right. Restricting an item will require a username and password when registering. Restrict for members only will only allow profiles marked as a member to register. Restrict for affiliations will require a profile to have all of the Affiliation codes in the right-hand side to register for that item. Move items to or from the right-hand code list with the arrow buttons in the middle.

13. Optional - Set a Restriction Teaser message if the item is restricted to either members only or an affiliation code. The Teaser Message is what will be displayed before the person registering logs in. The Restricted Message appears if the person registering logs in but it not authorized for that item.

14. Optional - Set any necessary Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to the event item. Added credits appear in the right-hand grid. You can pick your CEU Type and credit value on the left.

15. Optional - Attach a survey to the event item if necessary. This will display all of the questions containted in the survey on the online registration form. Surveys must first be created by going to Communication > Web > Surveys.

16. Save your changes with the Save Changes button above the event item grid.



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