How to Accept Sign Ups from the Event Web Page

This article only relates to the Legacy Event Module, which was replaced in 2013. Only use this article if you use the old Event Module.



How do I accept sign ups that have come in from the event web page?


To offer you the ability to review a web sign up before accepting it, WebLink Connect stores the information submitted by the potential attendee for you. Once you have determined a web sign up is legitimate, you can accept it the information will then display in the Sign Ups tab.

There are two different ways to access your pending sign ups so that you can review and accept them. The first is to load the sign ups pending for a single event and can be found on the Sign Ups tab of the event in question. The other way is from the Events tab of the Home screen and will allow you to accept sign ups for multiple events at once.

Starting from Inside an Event:

1. Open event you would like to work with, and click on the Sign Ups tab.

2. Click on the 'X pending registrations for this event' link (if you don't see this link, then there are no pending registrations for the event).

Starting from the Events Home Screen:

1. To see sign ups for a specific event, click on the hyperlinked number next to the name of the event, in the 'Pending Registrations' column of the datagrid.

2. To see all sign ups pending for ALL events at once, click on the 'Pending registrations for X events' link beneath the datagrid.

Accepting Sign Ups

Once on the Pending Event Sign Ups screen the process for accepting event registrations is the same. Please follow these steps to accept your pending registrations:

1. Review the basic sign up information in the grid to confirm its accuracy. Bolded rows are records that have not yet had their details viewed.

2. Click on a row to load its details in the section below. If any data has been changed in the lower section the Changed column will receive a check mark.

3. To assign a profile ID to the sign up, which is required to generate an invoice for the sign up and for good record-keeping, click the dropdown 'Choose a profile...' (or 'Change profile...' if one is already assigned). Choose 'Link this sign up to an existing profile' to look up the profile in your database. Generally, you should look up the COMPANY/ORGANIZATION profile, not the individual profile. You can also choose 'Create a profile for this sign up' if they do not already have a profile in your database. Finally, if you don't have and don't want a profile in your database for this sign up, you can choose Assign Anonymous Profile, which will pull your 'dummy' anonymous profile from your admin section.

4. Check the Payment Type to make sure it is accurate for any sign ups that have credit card payments.

5. Check the Select checkbox for each sign up after confirming its information. The Select All checkbox at the top of the grid can be used to select all records at once. Clicking on a Select checkbox for a row and then holding down the Shift key and clicking another row will select both rows and all those in between them.

6. Press the Accept Selected Sign Ups button to accept the selected registrations.

NOTE: To fully complete the registration and for good record-keeping, you should enter the Profile ID of the attendee in the 'Attendees' datagrid on the Sign Ups tab of the event. Select the attendee, click on the Profile ID field, select them from the list, and right-click to Save. You can also right-click to look up the profile or create a new profile for the attendee.


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