Manually Enter Event Sign Ups

This article only relates to the Legacy Event Module, which was replaced in 2013. Only use this article if you use the old Event Module.


How do I enter an event sign up directly into the database?


In order to create and maintain accurate reports of event attendance, you might need to manually add event registrations into WebLink Connect. It is very important to keep all event information together in one place. Therefore, entering all registrations for an event into WebLink Connect is crucial to keeping the event updated.

To Manually add Event Registrations:

1. Open the event you want to add the registration to, and click the Sign Ups tab.

2. Right click in the Event Sign Ups grid to open the right-click menu. Select New Sign Up.

3. Locate the company profile that needs registered by clicking the [...] button and opening the Profile Selector. Search for and select the company in the Profile Selector. Note: Remember that usually you want to select the company that needs to be registered at this stage, rather than the individual. 

4. The company Profile ID will populate in the Profile ID box. Below, select the checkbox of the Event Item(s) they are registering for, and change the Quantity if necessary.

5. Click the Contact Information tab. Select the first person who is attending the event. Note: This is the Billing Contact Information for this registration. If the invoice needs to go to someone other than those attending, fill in that information here.

6. Optional: To enter payment at this time, click the Payment Information tab. If you have the payment to enter, be sure to select Pay In Advance, the Valid Payment Type, and any additional payment details that are needed. If you are integrated with a credit card processor (such as, you can enter the credit card information here. If you are going to be processing credit cards manually, you may choose to record only the last 4 digits as a record.

7. Check the Send Sign Up Confirmation Email if you want the system to send an automated notice of registration to the newly registered attendee.

8. Check the Create Invoice and Payment Records if you want to generate a new invoice for the registration. If you entered valid payment information, the system will automatically apply that payment to the new invoice it generates. This box is automatically checked if you entered credit card information.

9. Click Save.

10. You will be asked if you wish to create an Attendee record for the individual. If the person selected on the Contacts tab (Step 5) will be attending the event, select Yes. Otherwise select No.

11. You will be returned to the Sign Up tab. If you have additional individuals to register for the company (for example, you choose a quantity of two attendees), highlight the sign up you just created and right click in the Attendee Details grid below. Choose New Attendee.

12. A new line will be added. Select the new attendee either from the Profile ID cell dropdown or by completing the information.

13. Once you have all the names for that company in the Attendee Details grid, right click and choose Save Changes.


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