How to Set a Minimum Number of Attendees for an Event

This article only relates to the Legacy Event Module, which was replaced in 2013. Only use this article if you use the old Event Module.


Can I set a minimum number of attendees, so that I can cancel my event if the minimum is not achieved by a certain date?


WebLink allows you to set a minimum number of event attendees to prevent losses on events that do not meet good attendance numbers. With these settings the Events tab of the Home screen can display warnings when an event has not met the minimum attendees required.

Setting Minimum Event Attendance

The first step of using event minimum attendance requirements is to set the threshold for minimum attendees and also a date for action. WebLink Connect uses this decision date to determine when to warn you that your event does not meet its minimum attendees. To set minimum attendance for an event please follow these steps:

1. Open your event through normal event selection methods.

2. On the Event Information tab locate the Minimum Attendees and Date To Decide Event Cancellation fields at the bottom of the screen.

3. Enter your minimum attendees and a date for decision in the appropriate boxes.

4. Press the Save button at the top of the event screen to save your changes.

Using Minimum Event Attendance

Once your event has a minimum number of attendees set you can see the status of this event from your Events tab of the Home screen. Events with a minimum attendees will display the number required in the column titled Attendees.

If you have not reached your decision date and are under the required minimum the minimum attendees will appear without a background color. Once you reach the minimum attendees for an event this background will turn green to show that the event has met its requirements. On or after your decision date this background will turn red if you are still below the required minimum attendees.


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