Add Event Sponsors and Show Logos on Event Webpage

This article only relates to the Legacy Event Module, which was replaced in 2013. Only use this article if you use the old Event Module.


How can I display event sponsor logos and information on my event webpage?


When setting up a new event, you have the ability to display the name and/or logo of an individual or organization which is sponsoring the event on the event web page.

1. Search for and open the event, and click the Sponsors tab.

2. Right-click in the datagrid, and choose New Sponsor.

3. You will automatically be taken to the Profile Selector page. Search for the organization sponsoring the event, and click Select. 

5. The Sponsor Logo URL is the internet address of the image. If the image is already hosted online, use that address. You can also use the WebLink Content Management System to upload the logo (Communications > Web Content Management > New Image Web Content). To then find the uploaded logo's URL, click in the Sponsor Logo URL cell. Right-click anywhere else in the datagrid, and select URL Selector from the menu. Locate the logo from the available content. Click the box next to the logo, and then click Accept. The URL will appear in the field.

NOTE: The logos should already be formatted to an appropriate size (depending on your website, between 100-400 pixels wide) prior to uploading to WebLink.

6. Use the Sponsor Message field if you are not going to display a logo or if you need additional text for the sponsor.

7. All sponsors start with a default sort of 0. To arrange the sponsors on the page, vary the default sort character. You must use letters (A, B, C, etc.) to create your order.

8. Be sure to right-click to 'Save Changes.'


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