How to Convert Version 1 Events With Invoices That Have Not Yet Been Created to the New Events Module

The WebLink Connect Event Module has gone through 3 different versioning instances. The conversion of Events from Version 2 to the New Events Module, is simple, but problems may arise when converting Version 1 Events to our new events module because there have been so many updates between these versions. 

In order to convert an Event, the Event must be complete. One problem you may run into when converting an Event is that not all invoices for registrations were created, or the flag to disable invoice creation was not selected initially thus the system perceives there is a need for invoice creation. In this case, the Event is considered incomplete. That being said, invoices must be created for each registration in order to convert the Event. 

Below are the steps for converting an Event from Version 1 to our new events module with the invoice creation step:

  1. Search for the legacy Event in the Quick Search of the Event Module
  2. Click to open it
  3. Click "Yes" to convert the Event when the pop-up displays. If there are invoices that have not been created, there will be a second pop-up that will indicate that there are invoices that need to be created - click "Ok"
  4. Go into the Event Settings under the Invoices tab and click to "Generate Invoices and Payments". This will create any outstanding invoices in a batch.

After the invoices have been created, you should be able to go back to the Quick Search, type in the Event ID/Name and click to open it. This time, it should convert properly to the new module.

If you still receive the invoice creation pop-up, there is one caveat to the above invoice generation process. You could run into an instance where invoices were not created for a registration that had a total adjusted off. If this is the case, you will need to manually alter the total of the invoice and create the invoice individually. This will give it a different batch number as well. 

To find these registrations, you can navigate to the Sign Ups tab of the Event Settings and sort the Event Sign Up Data grid by the Invoice Number. You should then see registrations with an invoice number of "0". You will need to click into each of those registrations, set the amount to a positive value (i.e. 1), save, and then under the Payment Information tab of the registration, click to "Create invoice/Payment". Once these have all been generated, you will be able to convert the Event as instructed above.


If you do not actually need these invoices, can you delete them in batch. To delete these invoices after the conversion, navigate to the Revenue > Select Invoice tab. Inside the Invoice Selector, click on the Invoice Dates tab and search for the invoices you just created by today's date. You will be able to see the batch number in the data grid details. Under the Revenue > Batch Entry Admin > Delete Batch Entries tab, you will be able to enter the Batch ID and delete these invoices. 


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