Upgrading from the Legacy (Version 1) Event Module

When the new event module was launched, some clients chose to revert back or remain on our "legacy" Events module, the version in Atlas prior to the October 2013 release. If you are on Version 1, you are not prompted to convert your events to the new module and your event looks like this when you open it in Atlas:


Version 1 clients will NOT be automatically upgraded to the new module. You must contact us when you are ready to upgrade to newest version. You may do this any time on/after April 10, 2017.

After April 10th, on the day you would like to convert to the new module:

  1. Accept any remaining "Pending" event registrations you have in the holding tank.
  2. Contact Support either via Online Chat or phone and request to be upgraded to the new module. Note that all questions prior to going live should be addressed through the Help Center. Phone support service is for actual activation of the new module only.
  3. Go into Admin -> Association Info and make sure your Time Zone is set correctly to your location.

The upgrade itself takes only a minute or two, and you do not need to log out of Atlas. Once the upgrade is complete, you will be prompted in Atlas (in the Quick Search or Home screen) when you open an event to "convert" that event, an important process to update all of the data within each event. You can say "No" on any specific event to keep using it in the legacy module until that event is over, if you prefer.


Important things to note:

  • Once you have upgraded to the latest Events module, you will not be able to return to the legacy version.
  • Until you click Yes on the note above and convert the event, you will only be able to search for it using the Events Quick Search in the desktop version.
  • Specific events cannot be set back to Version 1.
  • Version 1 events cannot be copied into the new module - you must convert them first if you want to copy them. 

Finally, if you want to remain on Version 1 for now you may do so. We plan on sunsetting this version in the future, and will be contacting anyone still on V1 to help you through the transition with plenty of notice before that date (TBD).

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