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Find Sales Opportunities
How can I search for Sales Opportunities that are pending, closed, or have been lost?

To search for open, closed or lost Sales Opportunities assigned to any user, you can use the Sales Opportunity Selector.

1. In the main menu, go to Contacts > Select Sales Opportunities.
2. By default, you will see all open Sales Opportunities that are assigned to you.  Items with an Estimated Close Date in the past are highlighted in yellow. 

3. You can use the dropdowns at the top to search for Sales Opportunities assigned to a specific user, for a specific product, or a specific Probability.  You can also choose to include or limit your search to Closed and/or Lost Sales Opportunities, and search by date.  You can leave any of the dropdowns blank if you do not want to limit by that criteria.

4. Once you have set your criteria above, click Preview.  You can then right-click to work with the selected Sales Opportunities, or click Select to open them for further details and editing.

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