Recording Contacts with Members or Prospects (desktop version)

Insert a Contact Record
How can I record and track communications with members or prospects, including email, phone, and in-person contacts?

Whenever you have a communication (phone, email, in-person meeting) with a member or prospect, you should record that in MC Trade as a Contact Record.  Contacts should generally be recorded in the company/organization profile, so that all contacts with that member/prospect are recorded in the same place.

1. Search for and open the Organization's profile, using either the Quick Search on the left side of your screen or the Profile Selector.

2.  Click the Contacts tab.

3. Right-click in the top Contact History datagrid and choose New Contact.

4. Choose the contact type from he drop down menu. (These are codes created by your administrator.)

5. In the Communicated With dropdown, select (or type) which staff person you contacted.

6. The Contactee field will be defaulted to your user name.

7. The Contact Date will default to the current date, but may be changed if necessary.

8. Type in a Subject, and then enter the notes from your communication in the Description field.
9. OPTIONAL - if your organization uses the Task and Project Management module in MC Trade, and this contact resulted in a task that now needs to be completed, you can check the Create Task checkbox to generate a new task using the Subject/Description above.

10. Click the Save button and confirm save.


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