Creating a New Prospect

Create a New Prospect

How do I enter a new prospect profile into the database?


The best way to enter a new prospective member into the database is to use the New Organization Profile Wizard. You'll then set the profile as a Prospect and assign the profile to a user.

1. Under the Profile Quick Action section on the left, click Create a new prospect. (You can also access this screen by going to Profiles > New Organization Profile Wizard, and clicking the Prospect checkbox on the next screen).

2. Begin by entering the Organization Name of the new prospect. The Sort Name (alphabetical order) and the Report Name (used in reports) are automatically populated. The Assigned To and Sold By fields will automatically fill in with your username. You can change these if necessary. Since the membership has not yet been sold, the Sold By field should be set to None.

3. Click Next.

4. Enter the main contact of the Prospect. The Wizard defaults the Relation Type to Employer-Employee, and sets the Relation Title as the Personal Title. You can change either of these if necessary.

5. Click Next.

6. Enter the prospect's address, and click Next.

7. Enter the prospect's phone number, and click Next.

8. You may or may not have Affiliation Codes to add to the Prospect's profile at this point, but you can add any sales-specific affiliations or general information if you have any. Click Next.

9. This Affiliation Code screen is for the Main Contact's profile - again, you may or may not have anything to add at this point. Click Next.

10. The last screen gives you the option to enter a Contact record for this profile. If you have had any communication with this prospect, you should record it here, then click Next. You can also leave the screen blank and click Next.

11. The final window gives you three options for what to do after the new profile is saved. Choose what you would like to do, then click Finish.

You can now add Sales Opportunities or other information to the Prospect profile.




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