Setup or Create Shipping Options for eCommerce Store


How do I set up different shipping options for my eCommerce store?



Atlas allows you to create as many eCommerce Shipping Types as you need. By creating several specific Shipping Types, you can offer your clients more options in receiving their purchases. Like eCommerce Items, Shipping Types must also be attached to a specific Revenue Item, so that the money generated by purchases can be accounted for.

Follow these steps to create eCommerce Shipping Types.

1. Go to Admin > Manage Codes > eCommerce Codes > eCommerce Shipping Types.

2. Click New. The Shipping Type, Description and Revenue Items boxes empty.

3. In the Shipping Type text box, enter the name of your new Shipping Type.

4. In the Description text box, enter a description of your new Shipping Type.

5. In the Revenue Item drop-down menu, select the Revenue Item you want to use to bill on your invoices for shipping.

6. Click Save. The new Shipping Type appears in the Data Grid.



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