Sponsor Scroller Set Up (Premium Website)

Step One:  Add your logo images into Atlas as Image Web Content

  1. Communication > Web Content Management > New Image Web Content
  2. Select the image from your computer for the image path. It may be helpful to change the Image Title to something memorable and include the order that the logo will display, such as “Sponsor 1 Coca-Cola” and “Sponsor 2 Chipotle,” etc.
  3. Select “Sponsors” as the content type.
  4. Click Save.
  5. When all logo images have been uploaded, go to Communication > Web Content Management > Edit/View Web Content.
  6. Select “Sponsors” as the content type and click Preview.
  7. Click the plus sign to expand the Sponsors folder.
  8. Check the boxes of the logos you’d like to edit and click “View Selected Content Records.”
  9. For each logo (navigate between them using the drop down menu containing the content titles), assign the logo to the appropriate Profile ID by clicking the “…” button and searching for the correct profile using the Profile Selector.
  10. Save each logo’s content record.


Step Two:  Create a web file content to link the image to the Web Content File
(This step is not needed if you are replacing images in existing web content records, if the web content record it already created and you are just wanting to replace the image on that record, skip to step 3):

  • Communications > Web Content Management > New Web Content
  • Name the web content “Sponsor #”   -- number the sponsors 1-? for easy updates later if you need to update placement of your logos.
  • Select “Sponsors” in the content type drop down.
  • Click Save.


Step 3:  Link the image web content to the web content file

  1. Obtain the Content ID number from the image by going to Communications > Web content management > Edit/view web content.
  2. Select the Sponsors folder to see the images that have been uploaded.  The content ID # for each image is shown next to the image name in parentheses.
  3. Open the Web Content file in the “Sponsors” folder
  4. Access the HTML Content tab and paste the HTML below in the HTML area. You will need to customize three areas of the code for each record. 

<a href="http://www.SPONSOR’SWEBSITE.com/"target="_blank"><img alt="SPONSOR’S NAME" src=" /External/WCPages/WCWebContent/WebContentPage.aspx?ContentID=70" /> --

  1. Change the RED portion of the code to the URL where you would like the logo to link, usually the sponsor’s website.
  2. Change the BLUE portion of the code to the sponsor’s company name.
  3. Change the GREEN number to the Content ID # of the logo image you previously uploaded.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Images should show up on your sponsor scroller as soon as you click save.
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