Website Editing Update (Weebly)

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As reported on Friday, you may have received a 404 error message when trying to access and edit your Weebly site. When logging into a Weebly site, you should be using the URL: Once logged in, you'll be routed to the appropriate site. This will prevent any errors you've previously received.

You can also edit the content on your website using your site’s Content Management System, or CMS. This is for editing all “static” content – images, headers, text and articles, embedded videos and content, etc. Note that “dynamic” content generated from your database, such as directory listings and event registration pages, are not managed through the CMS.

To access the CMS, go to Communication > Content Management System (CMS) in either the browser or desktop version of Atlas.*

You will be automatically logged in to the administrative landing page of your website, and you can click the “Edit Site” button to proceed to the editor. Click here for more details on how to use the CMS.

*If you do not see the Content Management System (CMS) menu item, your user role does not have permission to edit the website. Your system administrator can update this by setting the “Web Template Manager” security element to Full Access for your user role. Click here for instructions on updating user permissions.

Note: if your website is by a third-party web developer you will not see the Content Management System (CMS) menu item.

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