Enhance a Member Listing in your Online Directory


How do I edit online directory listings for my members to add logos, video, descriptions, and more?


A basic, standard listing contains simple contact information including address, phone number, and website. You can enhance this listing to include additional information, or change the information that displays, by opening the member's listing in your database.

Basic Enhancement Options

  • Search for an open the profile for which you would like to enhance a listing and click the Listings tab.
  • Highlight the listing in the grid, and right-click to View Selected Listing. Click the Listing Appearance tab.
  • First, you can enhance a member's Listing by pushing it to the top of the category page, for higher exposure, using the Position of Listing field. Level (1) is the highest level.
  • You can include additional information on a listing, including highlighting the background color of the listing and displaying logos, by setting the Listing Type. Level 5 is the highest Listing Type, and includes all possible features. The first dropdown refers to the member as displayed on the category list page, while the Details Listing Type refers to the member's individual company page on your website. You can view and configure the different levels by going to Admin > Set Preferences > Online Directory Settings.

Override Contact Information

  • On the Listing Details tab, you can override which contact information displays on the Listing. Click Override Profile Default Settings to change the information that is displayed - instead of the contact info from the member's profile, the info you enter here will be shown in the directory.
  • Click Override System Default Settings to customize which information shows (or does not show) on this listing.

Set Business Descriptions, Keywords, etc.

  • Click the Business Description tab. The Long Business Description appears on the listing detail page for this member.
  • Additional Keywords entered here will be used to find this listing based on the Keyword Search on the directory search page.
  • Products/Services describes the offerings of this member, and appears on the member's page if the Detail Listing Type is set to 4 or 5.
  • The Short Description appears on the listing in the category list page.


Click Save to save changes on all of the above settings, and then close the Listings Main tab.


Logos, Photos and Videos

  1. To add a logo and/or photo to a member's Listing, click the Web tab in the member's profile. Keep in mind that images will only display if the member has the appropriate Listing Type.
  2. Right-click and choose New Image Web Content.
  3. Click the browse button and find the member's logo on your computer. The logo should already be formatted to the appropriate size (this will vary depending on your directory).
  4. Set the Content Type to 'Listing_Logo' for this logo to appear next to the member's name on the directory.
  5. Click Save Image.
  6. You can also upload an image to appear on the member's detail listing page, using the 'Listing_Photo1' Content Type. Follow steps 2-5, changing only the Content Type. You can add as many Listing_Photo1 images as you like, repeating these steps for each one.
  7. In addition to adding images, you can also embed the code for a member's YouTube video. Click the Widgets tab.
  8. Set the Widget Type to YouTube Video, enter a name, and copy the Embed Code obtained from YouTube into the HTML field. Click save. 

You can now see the updated, enhanced listing on the member's category and detail pages on your directory.


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Note that all references to "WebLink Local" are simply referring to the online directory, we are working on updating our product labels in all training materials.

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  • How do you add a logo to a member's listing using the MC web browser version. This covers the desktop version.

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