How to Upload Images as Web Content Records

How do I upload images as web content records?



With this feature, you can quickly upload image content to your database.  These images can then be used for banner ads, directory logos, event sponsorships, etc.

1. Go To Communication>Web Content Management>New Image Web Content

2. Image Local Path: Filename of image.  The path can be typed in the box or click [...] to open windows explorer and find the file.

3. Image Title: This will default with the file name.  You can change this to whatever name you desire.  This will appear in drop-down and right-click lists in the software.

4. Referral Type: Choose from the drop-down list of the type of referral that will be recorded when the image is viewed.  This is for advanced tracking and is not necessary for basic images like banner images or directory logos.

5. Content Type: Choose the content type from the drop-down list.  These can be custom set in the Admin area.  BEST PRACTICE- create a type called Image.

6. Click Save Image.



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