Aging and Accounts Receivable Reports


There is a large set of standard reports that you can run to identify invoices that are overdue, with a variety of detail levels, groupings and filters.  You can also search for this information in several selectors and export or email based on the results.


Go to Reports > Revenue Reports > Accounts Receivable Reports.  All of these reports look for any invoice that has an outstanding balance on any line item.  You can hover over each of these reports for a brief description of the specific criteria and level of detail displayed on each report.

To print open invoices for a certain aging period, go to Reports > Revenue Reports > Invoice Reports > Open Invoices by Aging Period.

Invoice Selector

Go to Revenue > Select Invoices and click the Open Invoices tab.  Choose any of the aging periods listed and click Preview.  You can then right-click to export the list of results, or select all or a portion of the results and then right-click to email or print the invoices.

Profile Selector

Go to Profiles > Select Profiles (or hit F2), and click the Common Data Views tab.  In the dropdown, choose the aging period you want to find as well as whether you want to see all invoices or only dues invoices, then click Run Data View.  NOTE: this option only allows you to find profiles based on their invoice status.  If you need to see invoice data displayed in your results, use one of the first two options above.

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