Automatic Recurring Billing (ARB) FAQ's


Does Atlas auto retry failed ARB payments or should we enable that in

Atlas does not "try" charges at all - it only sets up the ARB in After that, the recurring charge is 100% in's court. So, any "retry" options need to be done in

Can ARB payments/dues be auto increased/decreased like non ARB dues or do they need to be expired/recreated annually?

They need to be recreated annually. For Atlas to create/update an ARB record, the Atlas user must have the card info "in hand" as a form of consent to set up the recurring billing. Because we are not the processor, we can't update the amount without basically re-getting consent.

If a member has a few months remaining of an annual membership but express interest in moving to a month to month can an ARB be set up for month to month, and will it hold off on starting the charge process until it reaches the upcoming anchor month/specified start year?

That's correct, it will use a start date of the anchor month/day/starting year on the billing record.

How are refunds handled?

Once a payment has been created for the corresponding charge in, you can refund just like any other transaction.

Do you auto generate invoices like normal for ARB, or are they held out of the process? 

They are held out of the process, you will not see any ARB records when you go to auto-generate.

Can we overwrite credit card information within when a new card is provided or will we need to remove/recreate a new ARB within Atlas?

Yes, you have to create a new ARB.

What is the ‘Recover ARB’ option in the Atlas Credit Card Processing Tab?  Should we ever have to do that?

The standard way that a charge in gets turned into an invoice/payment in Atlas is through the "Silent Post" - proactively sends a post to Atlas telling Atlas that a card was charged, so create an invoice/payment.

If that silent post fails for any reason, no invoice/payment is created in Atlas even if an ARB charge went through. Recover ARB just pro-actively goes out at looks for any successful charges that the silent post missed. It only needs to be used if the user notices something missing. 

Are receipts with invoice information (whether ACH or Credit Card ARB) automatically sent via email like with online credit card payments? 

Not out of Atlas, no. The ARB record in should have whatever email was entered in the CC information screen along with the card number, etc.

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