How to Add Attendee Names to an Existing Event Sign Up

How do I add additional attendee names to an existing sign up?

Attendees do not have to have a Profile record because they are attached to the Sign Up, but it is the recommended practice for good record-keeping.  To add attendees to an existing sign up, follow these steps:
1. Find and open the event to which you would like to add the attendee, and click the Sign Ups tab.
2. Highlight the sign up that the attendee is representing. 
3. Once the sign up has been selected, you may add an attendee. To do this right click in the datagrid below the sign up datagrid and select New Attendee .
4. A group of blank fields will appear in the datagrid. You may enter their information manually or, if they have a related Profile you may click the Profile ID field to select from a list of related Profiles. (The fields will be automatically populated upon selecting a Profile).
5. You may add as many attendees as allowed for each Event Item. When all attendees are added, right-click and choose Save Changes.  NOTE: the 'Save' button at the top of the screen will NOT save changes made to the Attendees datagrid.  You must right-click to save).

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