How to Assign and Track Tables for Events

This article only relates to the Legacy Event Module, which was replaced in 2013. Only use this article if you use the old Event Module.


What is the best way to assign and track Tables for my event?


The Weblink events section also includes the capability to record table assignments.  These assignments then can be reported by table or by the last name of the guest. 

1. Search for and open the event.

2. Select the Sign Ups tab.

3. Choose the sign-up in the upper datagrid (Event Item Sign Ups) you wish to make table assignments for. To see all attendees at once, click the 'View All Attendees for this Event' checkbox.

4. In the lower datagrid (Attendee Details for Selected Sign Up), choose the attendee that you wish to assign to a table.

5. Scroll to the right and find the Custom1 field. Type the table assignment in the Custom1 field. This can be a number, name, or any text you wish.

6. Right-click and choose Save Changes.

7. Note the Event ID from the upper right corner of the event screen.

8. Go to Reports > Event Reports > Table Assignments and run the report.

9. You will be prompted to enter the Event ID number and then choose a sort order that will print the report by table or by attendee name.

10. Click OK and the report will run. You can export this report using the icon in the upper left, or click the Print Report link in the upper right.


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