Adding New Sales Opportunities (desktop version)

Add a New Sales Opportunity

How do I create a new Sales Opportunity to track estimated sales amounts and projected sales?


Sales Opportunities should be created for any prospect that is currently, actively being worked and has a projected amount in the Sales Pipeline. It may not be efficient to create a Sales Opportunity for every single prospect in your system, but any prospect that is being actively pursued should be tracked using this tool.

1. Search for and open the profile for which you want to create the Sales Opportunity.
Once the Profile is open go to the tab.

2. Click the Contacts tab.

3. The bottom datagrid is the Sales Opportunity datagrid. To add a Sales Opportunity, right-click anywhere in that bottom datagrid and click New Sales Opportunity.

4. The New Sales/Lead Opportunity window will open. Start by choosing which employee at this organization you are working with from the dropdown (if they don't appear, you need to add them as in the Related Profiles tab of the profile).

5. The Assigned To list is generated from your users. Select a user that this sales opportunity is assigned to. If Prospect Protection is enabled, only this user will be allowed to edit this Sales Opportunity.

6. Set the Probability. This is a code created by your Administrator, and you can customize this list to classify how likely this sale is to be made.

7. Set the Source of this prospect (where you found them). Like Probability, you can customize this list in the Admin section.

8. If another member referred this prospect to you, you can click the [...] button to open the Profile Selector and look up the member who referred them, for future references.

9. If the 'offer' will expire, check the checkbox and choose a date. This is for your reference only and is optional.

10. In the Products tab at the bottom, choose the Revenue Item you are selling (often 'New Dues'), the estimated close date for the sale, and the estimated amount of the sale. Initial Payment is optional, but can be used for upgrades where the member has already paid a portion of the upgraded amount. Once these fields are filled in, click Add.

11. Click Save.

The newly created Sales Opportunity will open, and you can edit/update any of the fields as necessary.



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