Recording Member Activity for Joins and Drops

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What is a Member Activity, and how do I use it to track joins and drops?

Recording member activity is very important to most organizations for tracking member history, including joins, drops, rejoins, and other significant changes. When you check or uncheck the 'Member' checkbox on a profile, Atlas will automatically prompt you to begin the "Add a Member" process or the automated drop actions, which will add the join or drop activity for you. As an alternative, you can also use the following steps to manually add a Member Activity. Other Activities (such as changing Member Levels) can add or change Member Activity records, as well.

1. Find and open the profile to which you want to add a Member Activity.

2. Click the Member Activity tab in the profile browser.
3. Right click and select New Activity.

4. The Member Activity Record window will open. Notice the activity date is defaulted to the current date, this may be changed if needed.

5. Next, choose an activity type. Drop, Newly Joined, Rejoin, etc. 

6. Start and End dates are optional (you will NOT use these for basic join/drop activities).

7. You may wish to describe why this activity was made in the description field.

8. Click Save button and confirm.

*Please note that the member since date under member tab will not be updated. If you would like to update this click on the Member tab inside the profile and change it accordingly.


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