Data Conversion Workbook

Your Atlas database is capable of tracking an immense amount of information about your members, from demographics and relationships, to participation history and engagement preferences.

As a new Atlas customer, your Implementation includes bringing over much of this information and loading it in to your Atlas system for you, so that when you go live on Atlas, all of your valuable membership info is available to you.

Because different databases have different table schema and naming structures, converting your data from your old system in to Atlas must be done in a systematic and cautious way. Otherwise, you'll end up with inaccurate or irrelevant data in Atlas - something you definitely want to avoid as much as possible.

To ensure an accurate and organized Data Conversion, Atlas employs the Data Conversion Workbook - an organized, multi-sheet Microsoft Excel file that is already aligned to feed data in to your Atlas database.


Download the Atlas Data Conversion Workbook

Training Videos:

Intro to Atlas Data Conversion Workbook, Modeling Map, Association Info, Users

Organizations & Individuals

Additional Addresses, Email, Phone, Social Media

Affiliations, Custom Fields, Directory Listings

Events, Event Attendees, Committees, Committee Members

Contacts, Member Activity, Certifications

Billing & Invoices

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