I'm a new staff member at an existing Atlas client

Welcome!! And congratulations on signing on with a forward-thinking association that uses the very best Association Management Software in the industry: Atlas.

As you get accustomed to your new job, we want to make sure you know all the ways Atlas can help you be more efficient and effective. Make sure you look in to these key items as you get yourself situated:

  1. Install Atlas on your computer! You can install the Atlas interface on as many computers as you need. And don't forget to log in to www.atlasams.com once you get your username and password set up. It's your other way to access the system when you are not at your main computer. PS - you might need to ask your company's Atlas administrator for your Association's unique License key and for them to create a Username and Password for you. Click here for installation instructions.
  2. Get trained! Start by heading over to MemberClicks University so you can participate in our outstanding training program, delivered by our Learning Management System. This program is designed to give you a strong understanding of Atlas, broken down topic by topic. Please email training@memberclicks.com and we'll set you up with an account and assign your courses.
  3. Become a Power User! Ask your employer about getting Atlas Certified at our next Regional Training Event. Click here to learn about Regional Training Events and Atlas Certification.
  4. Get help! Our Support Team is here to help you with questions or resolutions if you have any problems. Click here to submit a ticket, use the Live Chat feature, send an email to help@memberclicks.com, or call our Support Team toll-free at (888)-865-8555.
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