About Atlas

Atlas is unlike any other membership management platform on the market. Designed and supported by a team of industry experts, Atlas is the industry’s most configurable AMS that strategically combines everything your team needs in one, integrated solution.

Atlas is here to help you accomplish 4 primary goals:

  1. Acquiring More Members
    Acquire more members on your website using an awesome CMS, seamlessly integrated ads, online directories, a job bank and events.
  2. Engaging More Members
    Engage members with lots of self-service options. Members love to view referral reports, update their own directory & job listings and renew & pay securely online.
  3. Retaining More Members
    Increase retention with segmented communications, self-service options and referral reports. Make it easy for members to gain and understand the value of their membership.
  4. Tracking More Data
    Understand your members. Don't just get reports - gain insights that help you make better business decisions faster.

Many ways to Connect

Because every type of user has different needs for their AMS, Atlas gives your association several ways to use and access the system:

Access Point Description Device you can use Typical Staff User
Desktop App The full-featured software interface that gives you all the features and administrative control Any desktop or notebook computer running full Windows Administrators, Finance, Membership, Events
Browser App A mobile-friendly light version of the software that keeps you connected on the go Any browser, mobile device or tablet Executives, Sales, Events, membership

Package Levels to meet your needs

Atlas is offered in three packages: Unify, Accelerate and Scale. Below is a comparison of the Package offerings.



Click here for a pdf of the Package Comparison


Implementation and Training

As you go through the steps to getting implemented, getting trained, and truly adopting Atlas in to your day-to-day business processes, please make sure you stay engaged with our Content Library, where we help the association industry Grow Faster! It's here where we share best practices and whitepapers on Retention, Revenue, Social Media, Communications & Marketing, Financial Intelligence, and so much more. Click here to visit our Content Library.

Watch an Overview Video:

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