DEPRECATED: Encrypted Profile ID Login

In 2019, MC Trade launched the upgraded Member Portal built on a modern, secure web application to give your members the best experience possible when interacting with your organization. This upgrade was/is available to all clients and included in your normal renewal costs. The upgrade has not been automated due to the significant change to the look/feel of the new portal, and we wanted to give you control over making that change on your timeline. However, certain features of the legacy portal are now becoming a security liability, and for your protection we are choosing to deprecate some features regarding how members can access that legacy portal.

Specifically, the “Special Field” links sent through the MC Trade email tool are using a legacy encrypted ID that automatically logs users in to the pages sent using these links, such as Online Bill Pay and Profile Update Form. This method of sending a link that can log a user in without a username/password is a security risk for the portal pages which contain member data, and will no longer be supported moving forward.

To mitigate this security risk to your members' data, you have two options:

  1. Upgrade to the new Member Portal. The majority of MC Trade clients are using the new version of the portal, and you can upgrade easily right from the application. A link to your Online Bill Pay page only for the purpose of viewing/paying invoices without logging in is still available in the new portal. Click here to learn more.

  2. Stop sending any “Special Field” links or Online Bill Pay links via email to your members. Note that as of 7/1/2024, these links will no longer work and will not be available for you to send/copy from the MC Trade application. You can continue to have members log in to your legacy portal, but will not be able to send any pre-authenticated links out of the system unless you have upgraded to the new portal. The specific links that will no longer be available are listed below:






    6. Transactions screen for a profile: Share Link to Online Bill Pay link
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