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Since 2019, we have been rebuilding all of our front end web components, so that we have a better infrastructure to maintain these components, and that allows us to bring you better performance and an improved user experience.

In this article, we will walk you through the process of upgrading, which is quite literally done at the push of a button.

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How to Upgrade

We want your upgrading of these components to be as quick and painless as possible, so we have created a Public Links & Redirects page which gives a breakdown of each web component, whether or not it is currently the latest or legacy version, and the URL of the version for your reference..

In the top right corner, there is an Upgrade button to push all of the components to the latest version. Then you can use the Copy URL button that is next to each component to distribute the new link.

Before upgrading:

  1. Verify that your branding settings are up-to-date with your logo, colors, and menu preference.
  2. Review the configuration for each of the new components and ensure that it is correct:
    1. Directory
    2. Online Calendar
    3. eCommerce
    4. Member Portal
    5. News Articles
    6. Coupons
    7. Community Event Submissions

Proceed with the upgrade:

  1. Click on the Communication menu and then Public Links.
  2. Click Upgrade All Pages (top right).

After clicking Upgrade All Pages, only system URLs will be redirected. Any hardcoded full file path links to legacy web form pages will need to be replaced manually.

For example, https://yourwebdomain.com/coupons will redirect to the new SPA coupon page, but https://yourwebdomain.com/cwt/wcexternal/wcpages/wccoupons/couponlist.aspx will not.

Note that if you have multiple website domains, all pages across all domains will be redirected when you click Upgrade All Pages.

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Benefits of Upgrading

In this section, we will walk you through what to expect from this upgrade. You may be familiar with some or all of the new components, but we will break it all down, and you may still learn something new.

All Components

  • Branding can be defined for all web component pages.

Some components have their own options for further customization.

  • The performance of each component has also improved.

Member Portal

Non-member individuals that are related to member organizations will land on the member organization's profile when logging into the portal. They can still switch to their individual profile.

Online Directory

  • Easier setup and improved search functionality, as well as a cleaner, mobile-friendly interface.
  • For more information, click here.

Online Event Calendar

  • Consistent branding and navigation with the rest of the web component pages and a cleaner, more user-friendly details page.
  • For more information, click here.


  • Simple layout and easy filter options.
  • For more information, click here.


  • A Coupon page that lists all coupons with a link for details and a View Coupons link under coupon-offering members in the online directory.
  • For more information, click here.

eCommerce Online Store

  • More customization of the page and more eCommerce item options such as member and non-member pricing and as many images per item as desired.
  • New, optional logic when purchasing such as creating a new profile when making a purchase and tagging the purchasing profile with the affiliation code(s) attached to the item.
  • For more information, click here.

Community Event Submissions

  • For more information, click here.

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