Overview of Messaging

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The Messaging feature includes: Send Email, Message Admin, and Recent Contacts.

Send Email

Send Email is a tool that allows users to create a message or build the message from a template.

It can include special fields that add specific profile information (e.g., recipient's first name), the current date, or links to different self-service areas of MC Trade.

It can be sent to a dynamic list of recipients based on:

  • Profile information
  • Invoice information
  • Saved data views

An example of a saved data view: All Profiles with Unpaid Invoices 30 Days Past Due.

It can also be sent to a static list of manually entered email addresses.

An email can be sent immediately, scheduled to be sent once in the future, or set up as recurring to be sent repeatedly in the future (daily, weekly, or monthly).

Message Admin

Message Admin allows users to manage drafts, recurring emails, and scheduled emails. It also allows users to view message-wide analytics and review message history.

The message history includes:

Recent Contacts

Recent Contacts is a panel on the profile. Contact records can be manually added to the profile, but they can also be automatically added when sending an email with MC Trade.

In the Send Email tool, there is an option to "create a contact record" which adds the message to the Recent Contacts panel of the profile.

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