Release Notes 24.7 - 3/14/2024

As part of part of our commitment to your success, we're happy to announce several improvements to MC Trade to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. We will roll out these changes to all customers on March 14, 2024.

Manage Columns in the Profile Selector

With this release, you will see a new button above the Profile Selector search results called "Manage Columns," which allows you to configure which columns you'd like to see in your Profile Selector search results. These columns are unique to each user, and can be changed any time. In addition to the standard system fields currently in the full export, you can also add columns for Custom Field and Affiliation Code values. 

The default "Export to CSV" option will export your selected columns, and you'll also see a new option after you configure your columns to "Export All System Columns" that will export all data configured in the global Profile Selector settings. Click here to learn more.

Message Admin Analytics

Based on customer feedback, we have consolidated the email analytics data currently available on a single email, to give you insights into your email trends for emails sent through MC Trade. 

The MC Trade email tool is used for a wide range of different communications - new member welcome letters, renewal reminders, overdue invoice links to pay, event announcements and reminders, and even marketing email newsletters. We track open rates and clicks on these emails, and this dashboard now allows you to see that data at a high level for a date range that you choose. 

You can also more easily see and manage emails that failed to send, to either update contact info or remove people to better refine your lists and ensure the highest rate of deliverability. Click here to learn more. 

Profile Contact Record Analytics

On the Manage All Contacts screen for a profile, you'll now see an action menu on the right side of each Contact Record with the options to edit or delete that record. If that Contact was created through the MC Trade email tool, you'll also see the option "View Analytics." This will open a screen that drills down to this specific email and profile, and tell you the number of times the email was viewed and/or any clicks on the email made by that profile. 

Click here to learn more about Contact Record tracking and analytics.

List Unsubscribe setting

To ensure the emails you send out of MC Trade have the highest possible deliverability rates, we have added the option to configure a "List Unsubscribe header" for your large emails. This option is in addition to the "Unsubscribe" link that can be inserted into the body of the email, and allows inbox applications to parse out the unsubscribe options from inside emails.

This option is only necessary when sending large volume, non-transactional emails like event promotions and newsletters, and not things like annual renewal invoices or new member confirmation emails. Click here to learn more.

This release includes the following enhancements and fixes:

  • Performance improvements: we have been working on speeding up certain areas of the database, including some queries and exports. We will be continuing to further improve the performance, especially for databases with large numbers of profiles/invoices, in the coming weeks.
  • Added additional pagination options to the Generate Invoices screen, to allow Show 20, Show 100, and Show All options to the results of the invoices to be generated search
  • Fixed an issue with Post Transactions searches for customers with missing debit or credit accounts, to prevent errors unless transactions are actually selected that have missing accounts.
  • Updated the View/Print Invoices action in the Invoice Selector to ensure printable invoices are always exported directly to PDF, for easier saving and printing for large data sets
  • Added Greater Than or Equal To, as well as Less Than or Equal To, as operators in the browser Query Tool to match saved queries from the desktop 
  • Fixed an issue with removing profiles assigned to Pledges when the pledge is edited
  • Fixed an issue with Query Tool searches that search on Revenue Item Name if an apostrophe appears in the name
  • Fixed an issue searching on the CEU data view in the Query Tool if CEU Type is selected as a field/filter
  • Added Invoice Type dropdown to the Invoice Details screen for Associated Builders and Contractors invoices
  • Fixed an issue with Committee Member editing on profiles that do not have a related organization
  • Fixed an issue with the default Profile Selector export in which Annual Dues total was including non-dues and expired billing totals, to ensure only current, active dues billings are included in the exported total
  • Fixed an issue adding or removing affiliation codes with the following special characters-  & < ? : +
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